In response to The Sherpa's Second Serve: Sitting idly by while wrestling pollutes our culture by Andy Smith of November 11. I’m tired of reading politically correct impotent liberal whining about the evils of America. Andy Smith dislikes WWF and particularly BU College o Communications’ graduates Stephanie and Shane McMahons. Apparently watching WWF makes him want to bang himself in the head with a steel chair. I think that BU should celebrate alumni like McMahons and Howard Stern. From media content creators and channelers, these people have themselves become a media content. They haven’t done anything illegal. They have succeeded big time in a perfectly legal way. In this society more people care about J Lo’s butt size than about the latest issue of Shakespeare’s works. McMahons and Stern have succeeded, maybe not in a way that Andy Smith or BU would like, but apparently enough people in America like them to keep their shows going from year to year. I’m sure that all the people whose bios and photos adorn the walls of the College of Communication are nice and successful in their professions, but none of them have achieved a trademark status. COM’s darling Bill O’Railey disgusts me more than WWF’s Rakishi’s trademark “stinky face” move. To a certain degree McMahons, and certainly Howard Stern are living trademarks, they have become part of American pop-culture. I’m concerned about the absence of these people from the walls of COM. Are we sent a message - if you do not succeed in a way that's acceptable to us, we will not recognize you as one of ours? For better or worse these people represent the current state of America’s pop-culture. This is what people want to see on their TV’s, and this is what they want to hear on their radios. This is why WWF has been on TV for years, and Howard Stern is syndicated in every major market. BU should be proud that it has created such icons. Controversial - sure. But I, and apparently many millions of Americans, prefer to wake up with Howard Stern joking about wiggers and poontang, and to watch the Big Show slamming Brock Lesnar into the floor. For Andy Smith there always will be the public radio’s Morning Edition and Jim Lehrer.