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R.I.P. Gundar

May 25
A few of you have asked me tell exactly what happened. I don't think that anybody knows for sure, and I don't think that we really need to know. But this is what we do know:
Mumins was heading back home early Sunday morning. Taking the familiar highway from Riga to Jelgava. Police says that accident happened sometime between 1 and 2 AM on Sunday. We don't know if it was fatigue, wet road, or something else. The car crossed the median separating the two lines of traffic, crossed the opposite line of the highway, and came to rest in a ditch some distance from the road. Police reports that Mumins was found 50m from the car.
Monday, around 1 PM a driver passing by the scene of accident called the police and reported the crashed car. Later that day the sad news started to spread. Since the police was still investigating, many hoped that the news were false.
As of now, the band has suspended all activities. Many fans are laying flowers and candles at the scene of accident. Mumins is also remembered in the Jelgava school that all the BS guys attended, and where they started playing together as a band.
We don't know what will happen next. But the band is not important right now. What's important is that we all have lost a man, who with his quiet smile and charm, was beloved by many. I can only express my deepest sympathies to his relatives and friends...

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BrainStorm won the 3rd place in the 2000 Eurovision song festival
Renars hosted the 2003 Eurovision festival in Riga

the new album already available from cdon.com !!!

july 4 - the new album A Day Before Tomorrow released in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania
july 14 - new album released in Finland and Estonia. release for the Western Europe and Scandinavian countries is set for the end september
july 27 - BS is warming up 80 000 people for the Rolling Stones in Prague

Colder’s cover is designed by the famous photographer Anton Corbijn. He also created the design of the new album

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BrainStorm played two gigs with supergrass
in Denmark - October 25, 1999 in "Pumpehuset", Copenhagen, and on October 26, in "Voxhall", Aarhus
BrainStorm supported "Fool's Garden" in Germany
November 13, 2000 - Hamburg "Logo", November 14 - Osnabruck "Lagerhalle", November 15 - Hannover "Gig", November 16 - Koln "Die Kantine"
BrainStorm supported Depeche Mode in August 28, 2001 - Tallinn, August 29 - Riga, August 31 - Vilnius

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