Welcome to my Latvia page!
I guess I'm making this page coz I'm sick and tired of people who don't know where Latvia is. Well, now is your chance to learn something about it. Here you'll find links to places that may give you some understanding and information about my country!
Our President is cute
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Official information
The Latvian Institute
Doing PR for Latvia
Radio Latvia
State radio, online broadcasts
Latvia In Your Pocket
Very good tourist guide
Weather in Riga
Is it hot? Is it cold?
Riga 800
Riga is getting old
Riga rules in 2001
Cultural capital of Europe
Museum of the history of Riga and navigation
History of Riga and its people
Art Noveau buildings
We have a lot of them
Latvian National Opera
Latvian Traditional Culture
Folklore and song festivals
Art Deco
A bit about it
Latvian Culture
We're not savages
Gustavs Klucis
Latvian artist
New Art
Links to some interesting projects
Latvians in America
Yep, we're everywhere

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