Renars about Bob Marley

Ingars: You told me earlier that while working on your new album, you were influenced by Bob Marley. What kind of influence was that – purely musical or were you influenced by the whole vibe and message of Bob's music?
Renars: Yes, we can say so... while recording the last album, every evening we and Tony and Steve were listening to Bob's songs, relaxing and having fun and dancing and singing along and... actually, the thing is that after a long day of recording session you in a way hate any kind of sounds and music and any kind of trouble, but this easiness and happiness that shines from this music without any pressure, helps to find new energy and makes you to understand that life is beautiful, enjoying the moment with friends and music. I think the "vibes" could be the right word.

Ingars: Does this influence show up in your new album?
Renars: Nobody from the side could say it but we know that it is there! In a song, "She's My Love", we even tried to imitate some drum patterns of reggae, but mostly it appears in a spiritual level... and, yes, we know it:)

Ingars: Which is your favorite Bob Marley’s song?
Renars: " Redemption Song"... just simply wonderful...

Ingars: Do you ever plan to record a reggae song?
Renars: Who knows... most likely for our own fun if we ever plan to.

Ingars: Bob Marley in his lyrics wrote about his Rasta beliefs, social conditions in Jamaica and the Third World liberation struggle. What are the main themes of your lyrics? How have they changed with the time?
Renars: Whatever you write about, I think there is only one source of energy and inspiration – Love. Any kind of Love... Love that can protest and resign and laugh and cry... and love, of course! And lyrics just show how love changes within you.

Ingars: Do you ever see yourself acquiring a level of a national hero in Latvia, just like Bob did in Jamaica?
Renars: People of small nations and countries are always double proud to do some favour for their motherland's recognition in the world, and we are as well. But it is not an aim of mine or ours to become national heroes or... well, I don't want to dishonest, it is nice to be famous and to have some influence and money, but it can't be the end in itself. You should do what you like and what you believe in. Just got some new ideas on this subject from Hermann Hesse.